Power Delivery Programs

The Power Delivery Programs are distance-learning programs offered to electric utility and construction companies for employee certification. NLC programs are most commonly used as the curriculum component of apprenticeship-leading-to-journeyman certification and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility companies and statewide organizations.

Each enrollee must be a power utility or construction company employee. Enrollees earn Northwest Lineman College certification upon completion. The curriculum can also be used to earn U.S. Department of Labor (or equivalent state agency) certification.

Each program is comprised of various sections arranged in logical sequence and assembled into modules. Each program exceeds the U.S. Department of Labor requirement of 144 hours of academic training per year. NLC programs are completely self-contained; no other books or materials are required for completion.

Subjects are comprised of technical aspects of the power delivery industry, and provide valuable background information for work encountered in the field regarding construction, maintenance, and operation of the system. A concerted effort is made to ensure our programs remain updated to meet the needs of today’s industry. NLC Power Delivery Programs are the time-tested benchmark of apprentice training. Today, hundreds of companies across the U.S. use these programs to ensure their employees are safe, educated, and Certified for Life®.

Smart video Learning

We use a combination of video training with smartphones and QR codes so content can quickly be viewed at nearly any location. New videos are added monthly. View a few samples of our training videos below.

Layout & Design

Our training materials utilize optimum layout and design to maximize knowledge retention for visual learners. This includes wide margins, precise graphics-to-text ratio, margin statements, and full color designs.

two great options for your company

Distance Learning

The distance-learning training is offered to electric utility and construction companies for employment certification. This method is most commonly used as part the curriculum component of training leading to eventual certification, and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility company associations and statewide organizations. The overall objective of these programs is to certify industry professionals in the areas of construction, maintenance, and operation of power delivery systems, utilizing a distance-learning format that exceeds the standards of the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.

On Campus Program

The 4-year Lineman Apprenticeship Program and the (4) Utility Training Services (UTS) courses each have on-campus requirements to complete. Apprentices attend training sessions that are delivered two weeks per year at an NLC campus while the UTS courses are held at set dates on various campuses throughout the year. Attendees will receive classroom, lab, and field instruction from our highly qualified and dedicated staff of training specialists who are committed to providing a positive and challenging educational environment.

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