Join Northwest Lineman College on our mission to improve lives, an industry, and the country. Our electrical and power industry training and certification offerings range from on-campus to distance learning, with certification packages or specific training courses depending on your businesses needs. Whether it be journeyman refresher training, rubber-glove, crew leader, advanced transformers, or some other specialized training need, we will work with you to improve the safety and productivity of your employees.


power delivery programs

The Power Delivery Programs are distance-learning programs offered to electric utility and construction companies for employee certification. NLC programs are most commonly used as the curriculum component of apprenticeship-leading-to-journeyman certification, and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility companies and statewide organizations.

Advanced Training Courses

utility training services

With constant changes and updates in the power delivery industry, there is one thing that remains constant: training is always needed. Utility Training Services specializes in building relevant, up-to-date and compliant training initiatives to deliver on behalf of power companies and utilities nationwide. Northwest Lineman College’s certified training specialists work diligently to deliver training that fits the needs of its customers.

How We Teach

3 phase educational model

Research long ago identified three domains of learning: cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skill), and effective (behavior). Most educational institutions in America focus on only one, or sometimes just two, of the three domains.

In the power delivery industry, and with electrical power systems in general, a phase is any normally energized conductor. The maximum number of phases possible is three. Three-phase circuits deliver the maximum amount of power to customers. Northwest Lineman College combined this concept with the educational understanding of learning domains to develop its trademarked Three-Phase Educational Model.

Your educational experience at Northwest Lineman College will most likely be more rewarding than past educational experiences, as it places a strong emphasis on all three domains: knowledge, skill, and behavior.

two great options for your company

Distance Learning

The distance-learning training is offered to electric utility and construction companies for employment certification. This method is most commonly used as part the curriculum component of training leading to eventual certification, and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility company associations and statewide organizations. The overall objective of these programs is to certify industry professionals in the areas of construction, maintenance, and operation of power delivery systems, utilizing a distance-learning format that exceeds the standards of the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.

On Campus Program

The 4-year Lineman Apprenticeship Program and the (4) Utility Training Services (UTS) courses each have on-campus requirements to complete. Apprentices attend training sessions that are delivered two weeks per year at an NLC campus while the UTS courses are held at set dates on various campuses throughout the year. Attendees will receive classroom, lab, and field instruction from our highly qualified and dedicated staff of training specialists who are committed to providing a positive and challenging educational environment.
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