Crew Leadership

This course enhances the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of crew leaders to effectively motivate, direct, and lead others. It also emphasizes the importance of taking action, upholding the vision and values of their organization, strengthening peer and customer relations and risk management. This two-day training program consists of classroom instruction where participants will be engaged in a positive learning environment consisting of case studies, lecture, discussion, and group activities.

This course can be delivered at your facility or any NLC campus. Content covers the following:

  • Crew Leader Responsibilities
  • Leadership Styles
  • Making Optimal Decisions and Taking Action
  • Improving Working Relationships
  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Motivating Your Crew
  • Leadership and Personality Types
  • Resources Under the Control of the Crew Leader
  • Planning and Laying Out the Job
  • Delegating
  • Job Briefings
  • Improving Safety on the Job

Who Should Attend

This course is best suited for leaders in the power delivery industry who are involved with managing, supervising, and directing employees. It is best to enroll all leaders tasked with high crew interaction and involvement. This course is well suited for training managers, safety coordinators, foreman, and supervisors for whom a better understanding of leadership aspects, qualities, etc. would make them more effective in their roles.

Course Requirements

  • Twelve trainees maximum

What To Bring

All course participants should bring a positive, professional attitude, a willingness to learn, a desire to participate in the training, and an understanding that they will be evaluated on course objectives. Participants should be prepared to take notes and participate in lecture discussions and group activities.

Instructor-Led Program

The 4-year Lineman Apprenticeship Program and the (4) Utility Training Services (UTS) courses each have on-campus requirements to complete. Apprentices attend training sessions that are delivered two weeks per year at an NLC campus while the UTS courses are held at set dates on various campuses throughout the year. Attendees will receive classroom, lab, and field instruction from our highly qualified and dedicated staff of training specialists who are committed to providing a positive and challenging educational environment.

Distance Learning

The distance-learning training is offered to electric utility and construction companies for employment certification. This method is most commonly used as part the curriculum component of training leading to eventual certification, and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility company associations and statewide organizations. The overall objective of these programs is to certify industry professionals in the areas of construction, maintenance, and operation of power delivery systems, utilizing a distance-learning format that exceeds the standards of the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.