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Lineworker Certification Program


The Lineworker Certification Program is a distance-learning training program offered to electric utility and construction companies for the certification of their lineworker employees. This program is most commonly used as the curriculum component of apprenticeship leading to journeyman certification, and is ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility company associations and statewide organizations. Enrollees must be employees of electric power utility or construction companies and will earn Northwest Lineman College certification upon successful completion. The curriculum can be used to earn U.S. Department of Labor (or equivalent state agency) certification as well.


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Check out the latest information from DOL on Apprenticeship.

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What does the program cost?

Tuition for each distance-learning program is $602 (plus shipping) per trainee, per module.

As a test facilitator, may I get reference copies of the modules?

We offer library sets of materials for $502 per module, available after you enroll students in the program.

How long does each program take?

Programs are designed to be one module per year. We recommend studying and testing on one section per month, but a student may move through the program at a faster pace if their company allows.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Electric utility and power construction companies may enroll employees who are 18 years of age or older and possess a high-school diploma or GED.

How do I enroll?

Three forms are required: Company Application, Test Facilitator Agreement of Integrity, and Student Enrollment Application.

  • Company Application must be read and signed by a company officer in the presence of a notary
  • Test Facilitator Agreement of Integrity must be read and signed by each designated facilitator
  • Student Enrollment Application must be completed and signed by each student enrolled
How long does it take to get training materials once enrollment forms are submitted?

Training materials are shipped within ten business days of receipt of enrollment forms and payment.

What training materials are provided?

Students receive personalized modules with all training materials needed to complete their respective year.

What do students receive upon completion of the program?

Successful students receive a Certificate of Completion reflecting the number of academic hours completed. If the company is registered with the Department of Labor, this certificate is provided as proof of meeting related technical instruction requirements.

Do you offer any discounts?

A 10% discount applies for NLC Electrical Lineworker Program graduates, and a 5% discount for Power Delivery Program graduates. Companies enrolling many trainees at once qualify for the following group discounts*:

  • 20 to 49 trainees= 2%
  • 50 to 99 trainees= 4%

*Companies may not enroll trainees in two or more modules at once to qualify

Can we switch from our current program to your program?

Companies interested in converting from another program are always welcome; however, as a general rule, if an individual has been enrolled in another program for more than 2 years, it is normally prudent to have them complete that program.

Does this program meet Department of Labor requirements?

Yes, The DOL requires 144 hours of academic training per year; each of our modules are 150+.

How is the program implemented?

Flexibility allows each company to determine how they wish to implement our programs. They may be delivered in a classroom setting, or individually paced for each student. A strict testing schedule may be used, or students may simply notify a facilitator when they are ready. It’s up to the customer to find what works best to meet their needs.

GI Bill

Trainees may inquire about using the GI Bill to pay for this program. It might be possible, but they’ll need to contact their VA rep to set it up, letting them know that they are participating in the training program through their employer. Please ensure that trainees understand all administration of GI Bill use goes through their employer and the VA—not NLC.

PDP Login

Students and test facilitators are given access credentials for our website (email address serves as user name). The login page may be accessed one of two ways:

How do I reset a password?

Make sure you are at the proper login screen (not the ELP Alumni section). If trouble persists:


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