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Heather Rohnert

Heather Rohnert
Administrative Coordinator

NLC Altus Formalis Doctum

“Our future is directly linked
to the success of the nation’s
power companies. Our
commitment to meeting
their needs and exceeding
their expectations will
remain unwavering.”

3 Steps to Enroll

Enrollment in a Power Delivery Program is designed to be streamlined and simple:

  1. COMPLETE THE TRAINING AGREEMENT The Training Agreement form states the terms and conditions of the Power Delivery Programs training agreement, and must be signed by an officer of the company (President, CEO, Vice President, etc.) and notarized.
  2. IDENTIFY THE TEST FACILITATOR Test Facilitators must fill out the Agreement of Integrity form and complete the Test Facilitator Certification course.
  3. COMPLETE ENROLLMENT APPLICATION FOR EACH TRAINEE Each individual trainee must complete the Student Enrollment Application and Trainee Readiness Assessment.
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