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When considering a career training program, you should evaluate the experience and training of those who will be training you. Working in the trade alone is not enough. Nor is completing a one-time workshop. For example, at NLC we handpick a select number of certified journeymen, then require that they complete additional highly formalized internal training that teaches them how to teach others. They’re certified and required to complete annual technical educator coursework to continue as our educators.

3-phase educational model

Labloads of research has confirmed that there are just three ways a human can learn. They are cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skill), and affective (behavior). In educational circles, these three ways to learn are referred to as domains.

In electrical systems, phases are energized conductors. And just by chance, the most efficient electrical systems have three phases. They are most commonly depicted graphically as an upside down letter Y.  We propeller heads refer to them as WYE diagrams.

To make things simple, we redefined all of that (we like doing this a lot) by superimposing the three domains of learning with a three-phase WYE diagram. We call it our Three Phase Educational Modal and we trademarked it. It helps us focus on what is important every time we design and deliver training.



Just as important as getting certified from an accredited school is the strength of your school’s network with power companies, construction companies, manufacturers, industry associations, alumni, and so on.

We have been trusted to provide training to over 700 power and construction companies in the US, as well as military installations and major industry manufacturers. We’ve designed training facilities in Afghanistan and Tanzania—while attracting trainees from Russia and the Caribbean as well.

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