What Our Customers Are Asking
For optimum learning, we designed the TransBanker lab to train two students per training station, or pole. To determine the recommended lab size, divide the maximum class size that you would like to train by two. For example, for a 16-student class, we recommend an 8-pole lab.
We custom build your TransBanker in Idaho, USA, and it normally takes us 15 weeks from receipt of your down payment.
Yes, please give us a call so we can hold a place for you in our production schedule and help you lock in today’s prices.
Yes, we include two student binders per pole in your purchase price. If you are a TransBanker customer and would like to purchase additional student textbooks, please contact us for a quote.
Yes, we are happy to give you a quote for professional installation of your stationary lab by our expert staff.
Our Operator Certification course teaches you the proper assembly and operation of your TransBanker. The course consists of approximately one full day of training, depending on your lab type, at the NLC Idaho Campus. To make sure your company can safely and properly operate the system, we require that at least two employees, normally trainers, complete the training. The price of this training is included with each TransBanker purchase (excludes your travel). The Operator Certification course is not a transformer train-the-trainer program, but NLC does offer that program through our Utility Training Services.
The stationary lab requires a 3-phase 120/208 VAC source on a dedicated 30 A circuit. The mobile lab has a self-contained 3-phase 120/208 VAC generator that is included with the purchase of the mobile unit. It can also use 120/208 VAC 30 A shore power.
Virtually any connection that can be done in the field can also be done with the TransBanker. You can experiment and create without damaging equipment or putting people at risk. If you have a unique power system or you have questions about unusual banks, please give us a call or send us an email.