Apprenticeship Programs

Our apprentice training programs exceed the Department of Labor’s requirements for a formalized apprenticeship and provide the complete educational foundation for your apprentices to achieve journeyman status.

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Apprentice Training Program


A formalized four-year educational program that provides the related and technical instruction (RTI) required for your apprentices to receive industry recognition and certification as journey-level lineworkers.

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Apprentice Training Programs


These programs provide the knowledge component of apprentice training through digital manuals, study guide activities, and training videos through a distance-learning, module-based curriculum.

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You Hire the Apprentices,
We Provide the Related Technical Instruction
Program Benefits
Exceeds Standards
of Department of Labor
Up-To-Date Curriculum
to Maximize Learning & Retention
Online Learning
Management System
Accredited Provider
of Continued Education

Lineman Apprenticeship Program

Lineman Apprenticeship Program

Program Overview

The Lineman Apprenticeship Program is a great choice for companies seeking a formalized apprenticeship training and certification program that includes dynamic, hands-on training and skills verification delivered at the benchmark standard. Apprentices complete pre-campus work followed by instructor-led classroom, lab, and field instruction in a four-year educational program. Your apprentices will train at one of our campuses for two weeks, every year of their apprenticeship. NLC can also deliver this program at your facilities if a training yard is constructed per NLC training specs.

144+ Hours
Of Related Technical Instruction Each Year

Accredited IACET Provider

80 Hours
Of Instructor-Led Hands-On Training Each Year

Accredited Provider
Of Continued Education

Trainees who successfully complete the Lineman Apprenticeship Program receive a Northwest Lineman College Certificate of Completion. Our curriculum is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, and can be used to obtain DOL Journeyman Certification.

Lineman Apprenticeship Program curriculum includes:

  • Course Year One: 147 Hours / 7.0 CEUs
  • Course Year Two: 169 Hours / 7.0 CEUs
  • Course Year Three: 144 Hours / 7.0 CEUs
  • Course Year Four: 161 Hours / 7.0 CEUs

The Lineman Apprenticeship Program has recently been updated based on the standards set by IEEE and NESC, which are typically revised every five years. The 2023 update includes incorporating underground distribution and transmission topics, new EPZ grounding competencies, refreshed leadership training, and a modernized curriculum.

In addition to new underground topics, revisions include important updates to reflect current industry standards and advancements in safety, technology, and equipment. The curriculum includes a modernized layout and design with updated graphics, illustrations, and 3D graphics to improve the learning experience.

Other updates include:

  • Adding study guides to each chapter of all manuals and flashcards for added learning opportunities.
  • Revised Journeyman Excellence course to include a new course capstone project focused on job planning.
  • Refreshed behavior training and evaluations.

Power Delivery Programs

Power Delivery Programs

Program Overview

The Power Delivery Programs offer distance-learning curriculum, through digital manuals, study guide activities, and training videos, to electric utility companies and contractors for employee certification.

These materials are typically used as the curriculum component of apprenticeship-leading-to-journeyman certification and are ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility companies and statewide organizations.

150+ Hours
Of Related Technical Instruction Each Year

Includes Curriculum
Associated with ANSI, ASTM, and OSHA

Customizable Programs
To Meet Your Company Needs

We provide management of student records and notifications through our Learning Management System (LMS). We can also assist your company with the DOL registration process.

Power Delivery Programs offerings include:

  • Lineworker Certification Program
  • Substation Technician Certification Program
  • System Operator Certification Program
  • Meter Technician Certification Program
  • Transmission Technician Certification Program

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