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Attention: We have recently made changes to a few of our online platforms. Please read below to understand how your login experience may be impacted.

Admissions Portal

If you’ve already started your application and enrollment, login to finish.

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Student Portal*

*New platform, now called “Student Portal”

If your term starts (or started) after August 14th, this is our new platform for online account management, optional course registration, etc. If your term started before Aug 14th, you can still obtain access to see historical grades. Please contact us if you would like to receive access.

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Learning Management System (LMS)*

*Previously called “Student Portal”

If your term started before August 14th, you may know this platform as the Student Portal, but we’re now officially referring to it as our Learning Management System (LMS). If you are a current student, log in to access announcements, class information, and field videos.

LMS Login

Alumni Services

Login to access services available to NLC Alumni and current students, including:

  • Alumni Career Listings
  • Academic Document Request

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User accounts are locked after 5 incorrect password attempts. Please use ‘Forgot Password’ function to avoid being locked out. For login assistance, or to have your account unlocked, please contact Northwest Lineman College.

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