An Ideal Professional Transition

With the power industry focus on attention-to-detail, and the ability to work independently or on a team, a career transition from military service to power lineman is a natural fit. Many of the same skills veterans have developed such as critical thinking, leadership and integrity fit perfectly in an industry where reliability, camaraderie and dependability are paramount.

Post 9/11 Benefits

The post 9/11 program pays tuition directly to the institution, the amount of assistance is based on the months you were in active duty status. You may also be eligible for a monthly housing benefit that is paid directly to you, this benefit varies according to each individual veterans agreement that they enlisted under. As you will see at the link above, the VA also references a $1,000.00 books and supplies stipend, but unfortunately, to date we have not had a student approved to use this benefit. Pre-9/11 or the Montgomery GI Bill: The Montgomery GI Bill is a monthly stipend paid directly to you, again it varies depending on the agreement that you enlisted with. It is typically approximately $1200.00 per month. We seldom have students elect to use this program since we started accepting the Post 9/11 benefits.

The Electrical Lineworker Program has been approved for VA funding by the State Approving Agency where each campus is located: For information regarding this approval, please visit the following links.

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