Update to the Telecommunications Lineworker Program

March 21, 2022 – Important Update on Northwest Lineman College’s Telecommunications Lineworker Program

Since 2019, NLC has operated the Telecommunications Lineworker Program at its Idaho campus in parallel to its legacy Electrical Lineworker Program (est. 1993). Over time, NLC has seen that employers in both industries often hire from either program, valuing overall graduates with foundational linework training, regardless of the specific industry.

In recognition of these hiring practices, and to increase graduate versatility and value in the labor market, NLC will combine telecom and electric lineworker training into one program launching early 2023 beginning with our Florida term 2301 on January 2, 2023. Other campuses will implement this change throughout additional 2023 terms.

In preparation for this program update, the current version of NLC’s Telecommunications Lineworker Program will end after term 2202, concluding May 13, 2022. This will allow NLC training staff time to prepare for launching the combined program in the fall, offering students quality, multi-industry training at all four campuses.

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For questions regarding this update, please contact the Admissions department by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 800-338-8875